The journey of MIXIOTE....

Mexico's gastronomy has a reputation for its huge diversity, unfortunately a lot of these dishes stay in their respective regions and never make it ot the US market. Growing up in Mexico city, we quickly found out that mixiotes are one of Mexico's best kept secrets.

My son and I immigrated to San Francisco 15 years ago. My son and I have always had passion for food and finding new exciting flavors. Our business was born from the idea to bring a dish from our homeland and sharing it with our new home. Mixiote carptures the flavors of Mexico in a very unique way that is rarely found in other types of Mexican food.

Mixiotes can be made from various types of protein (beef, chicken, veggies, etc.) There are two main components that make mixiotes special. The first, is the secret guajillo sauce that becomes thick and flavorful upon cooking. The second is the the cooking method, we start by wrapping the marinated protein in avocado and banana leafs which give mixiotes a very pleasant earthy flavor. There are no added fats or oils to the protein, mixiotes cook slowly in their own juices inside the leaf wrap until fork tender. Eating a mixiote is truly an unique experience of flavors and textures.

Although our journey is just beginning, my son and I are excited to bring this new product to San Francisco and share this dish with you all

We are proud members of La Cocina incubator program. Feel free to contact us directly or through La Cocina for catering events. Thank you!